Sack them!

11 Oct,2018


By Your Editor

The #MeToo campaign has shown the extent to which sexual harassment exists in Indian Media and Entertainment. We knew about a lot of it, but tended to ignore things.

A colleague who has worked in the broadcast sector says that this is near-rampant in news television and often goes unchecked as there is no complaint filed. In advertising too, which has a largely informal environment, there are many cases of things going awry. Ditto elsewhere in M&E.

For starters, it’s critical that journalist-turned-politician M J Akbar must go. Even if there is no proof, there are enough accounts to prove that he has had more than just a glad eye.

If he doesn’t quit on his own, the Narendra Modi government must suspend the MoS External Affairs pending its own investigation if not sack him outright.

A group of creative heads from across advertising and design agencies have come forward as a Collective to appeal to all to bring some order and safety to the business. Editors Guild, the Network of Women in Media, the Press Club Mumbai are some of those who’ve been proactive and come forward to help ease matters for the aggrieved.

But we need industry associations to get aggressive on this. For instance, just as comedy group AIB lost its contract with Hotstar, it’s critical that organisations refusing to act should worry about losing business from advertisers who follow stringent ethical standards.

Wish we could also refuse to pay takes to a government that doesn’t seem to be acting swiftly on the complaints against Akbar.



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