MxM is looking for a junior journalist in Mumbai & Delhi

10 Oct,2018

MxMIndia, the preferred Indian platform for credible content in advertising and marketing, is looking to hire a junior journalist in Mumbai and New Delhi NCR. Zero to 18 months’ experience.


The ideal candidate could have done a basic degree in anything – including botany or microbiology or even archaeology, but must have excellent written and spoken English. Comfort with business and an understanding of media and entertainment are essential. Shouldn’t get the heebie-jeebies dealing with basic arithmetic (like what is 20% of 60!). Only those with an 80%-plus academic record in Class 10 and 12 need apply. ICSE/ CBSE boards only. If you weren’t a high performer in academics at the school level, give us sufficient proof that you are a high performer in life.


Candidates will be hired on a two-month probation. We will undertake a written test before we meet candidates. We do not expect you to have a 10/10 in GK, and don’t expect you to know who the last eight Chief Justices of the Supreme Court have been and we won’t ask you what is the capital of Nigeria, but a well-rounded knowledge of the world is essential.


We expect you to be well-read, confident and you should write well. We will pay a standard industry-level salary.


Interested? Send your cv and writing samples to editor [at]



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