Maximising adsales in the festive season

25 Oct,2018


Text courtesy BARC, slightly edited for the introduction


TV in India remains the most penetrated medium at 66% and with 100 million households yet to own a television it will only soar further. The year-on-year growth is seen across viewership – content and ads; as well as across the number of advertisers and brands wooing these growing viewers. While spikes in viewership could be fuelled by unplanned happenings and topical events, there are special events where television plays the role of a common entertainer for the entire family where collective television viewing by the family members becomes a part of the festivities.


Broadcasters on their part, make these days attractive for the viewers through compelling and clever programming and scheduling. Increase in viewers results in increase in advertisers as well. As we step into the festive season, BARC helped in decoding the advertising juggernaut and shed some light on how the viewers and advertisers evolved during festivals especially in the high decibel festival season from September to December.


Television viewership has been rising over the last three years. The average weekly viewership of ads in India is growing steadily each year as well. From 2016 to 2018, the advertising impressions has increased by a phenomenal 45% from 521billion to 755billion with 2018 yet to witness its festive season. For the Jan to Aug 2018 period the average ad duration stands at 31 million per week, taking the total advertising volume to 1.07 billion for the same period.


This growing viewership has seen endorsement from the advertising fraternity as well, with average weekly advertising volume clocking 31 million seconds from January to August 2018. The trend line for the last 36 months plotted against the monthly advertising volume is also on a growing trajectory.


The peaks in advertising coincides with planned tentpole events – be it related to sports or national interest topics like budget and elections, or with the festive season. Please click on the link below for a more detailed account on advertising in the festive season over the last three years.

Advertising During Festivals

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