Dassera holiday on Friday

17 Oct,2018

By A Correspondent

It’s not a situation we haven’t experience before. Every Eid, we wait with baited breath for the sighting of the moon. And there have been times when we’ve declared a holiday for the following day, but no sight of the ‘chaand’.

This year, we’ve had a problem with Dassera. Or however you spell it: Dussehra, Dushera, Dushareaa. Okay the last one was made up a second back, but you know what we are referring to. It’s a Big Day across our country, and many offices are shut on the day. Including MxM’s.

But this year, half our world is not working tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 18) and another part is celebrating the festival on Friday.

The stockmarkets are closed tomorrow and so are many offices in Mumbai at least.

We had to take a decision: Thursday or Friday.

And, we must confess, the only driver in us choosing Friday was that we could have a longer weekend.

The anguish of the last week-odd has tired us. The guilt of not doing anything about some of the cases that have now been reported makes us feel horrible.

Allow us an extra day off. We’ll be on the phone, messengers, whatsapps.

And, yes, if M J Akbar resigns, we’ll definitely be back.

Meanwhile, see you tomorrow.

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