Zirca’s ContentiQ enables marketers to leverage role of content intelligence

04 Sep,2018

By A Correspondent


Zirca Digital Solutions launched its second proprietary product ContentiQ, which combines the power of audience profiling and content consumption data to help media planners and advertisers create strategic insights-driven and data-informed content plans.


Neena Dasgupta

Said Zirca CEO Neena Dasgupta:  “Content serves as bridge between marketers and their consumers. With ContentiQ, we are bringing science to content creation so that media planners and advertisers can offer powerful audience-centric content based on psycho graphics. This tool is set to revolutionise the content planning landscape in India and globally,”.




Karan Kumar Gupta

Added Karan Kumar Gupta, MD of Zirca: “In a rapidly-evolving content industry, marketers need to realize that their audience is not just a number. Content deserves its own planning and measurement tools, and therefore ContentiQ will be at the forefront of the emerging ecosystem of content-specific planning, measurement and execution tools. With this launch, Zirca is determined to bring consumer-centric conversations to the forefront of marketing communication.”



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