Fastrack gears up for more action with Reflex 2.O

24 Sep,2018

By A Correspondent


Fastrack has announced the launch of Reflex 2.O. Following the launch, the brand has launched its latest digital film that shows how people react when they think they have lost their phones. The campaign manages to illustrate the benefit of its new feature while staying true to the brands personality and tone of voice.


Speaking about the idea behind the brand campaign for Reflex 2.O, Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing said: “The mere thought of losing our phone sends all of us into a panic frenzy. And the perfect solution to this is Reflex 2.0’s phone finder feature. While the smart band has other new features, we thought this would be an interesting take to appeal to the growing number of smart wearable users of today.”


Added Ayushman Chiranewala, Head Marketing, Fastrack: “In today’s world, an individual’s personality or appearance holds a lot of importance and everyone wants to maintain a certain image. This film shows how fumbling in search of things that you misplace, makes you look like a loser and that you can avoid it if you have a technological aid in your hand. Smart wearable technology is gaining rapid popularity among an increasing number of consumers globally. Reflex 2.0 is a product designed to cater to the needs of the new-age millennial who desires to keep up with the latest technology.”

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