Coco takes on gender stereotypes with inaugural brand film

10 Sep,2018

By A Correspondent


Coco by DHFL General Insurance has launched its first digital-only campaign #CareMoreHaveMore for its retail two-wheeler policy – Coco Ride. The digital campaign focuses on two key aspects – women empowerment and protection for one’s loved ones and prized possessions.


Speaking about the campaign, Vijay Sinha, MD & CEO, DHFL General Insurance, said: “Brand COCO by DHFL General Insurance is built on the tenet of empowering individuals to learn and be able to take care of the things that matter to them, thereby helping them have more of those things. A little care now, a lot more gain in the future. Utilizing this one insight – the brand film for COCO Ride plays on two angles simultaneously. One is the more obvious one that is shown through the dynamics between the father and his daughter that caring for your bike also means readily being able to bank on your insurer. The second is more subtle and nuanced, which is of the father letting the daughter chart her own path in life without spoon-feeding her. This gives her a sense of achievement that is beyond him–but individually her own. In the end, when she’s handed the bike – it actually is a metaphor that she is now ready to take on the world because she has learnt the best lesson – to care more is to have more.”


The #CareMoreHaveMore campaign has been conceptualized by Hypercollective. Added KV Sridhar aka Pops, CCO and Chairman, Hypercollective: “As an organisation, we’ve always believed that brands that live by a purpose are the brands that can truly thrive. Add cultural truths to this mix and you have a campaign that can break through the clutter and touch your audience. After all, we’re in the business of human to human connection. Through this campaign, we’re not just breaking the stereotype that biking is a men’s game, but also extending the human value of care by exploring the relationship of a daughter and her father. The narrative of the entire campaign is powerful and enriching, every time you go through it, it grows on you. And it’s a delight to work with a client like COCO by DHFL General Insurance who believe in taking higher grounds and giving freedom to explore something completely uncharted in this category.”



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