Asian Paints unveils its new series, ‘Live Stylishly’

05 Sep,2018

By A Correspondent


Conceptualised, written and produced by Supari Studios, Asian Paints has launched another series of ‘How To videos’ around home décor ideas.


Said Nisha Vasudevan, Director, Asian Paints Live Stylishly Season 3: “We aimed to create inspirational and aspirational yet snackable content that will showcase the Asian Paints catalog by illustrating how colours transform a space. We went with snappy scripts complemented by supers that would ensure the audience retains the messaging even if audio didn’t play. The spaces were revamped using choreography created using various sets of hands – they snap, click, and select throughout the videos, and act as catalysts for transformation. No characters are visible in the frames – this has allowed for seamless, fun and clutter-breaking visuals that focus on the spaces. One of the other challenges included the time-frame – we had just three days to shoot 20 videos. To achieve the above, we’ve used a mix of stop-motion, compositing and chroma cleverly. All departments had to work hard and smart, and this has translated into a set of neat, lucid and entertaining videos for Asian Paints’ Live Stylishly Season 3.”


Added Manoti Jain, Executive Producer, Supari Studios: “For Asian Paints Live stylishly, we wanted to build a brand IP that was strategically relevant and would serve as a powerful content territory for the brand. At the inception of the idea the focus was to build a content strategy that meets both the brand’s goals and engages with the intended audience. We have created a total of 20 videos that revolve around information that the consumers are constantly seeking for while doing up the house. As next steps we are looking to create more videos in the space making Home Decor synonymous with Asian Paints in India.”

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