Sanjeev Kotnala: Take 3: Good, Naughty & Kuch Bhi Naya Nahi!

29 Aug,2018

By Sanjeev Kotnala


The Kerala floods have been a nightmare and a warning in many ways. As the water recedes and rebuilding starts, it’s time for each one of us to collectively support and help Kerala. #DibbaLautaao is a simple communication from Zee to do whatever’s possible.

I love it for its simplicity. It beautifully uses the tradition of filing a container before returning it to the owner.  Moreover, it leverages a powerful regional connect connection of banana chips.

Here the thought ‘Extraordinary Together’ is a perfect match but somehow think that it could have been better if the last frame of branding was not there on your face or differently treated for the subject.

The Three-way Three-Day Weekend.

It was bound to happen. The opportunity was always there. Metro citizens and corporate workers are taking more number of shorter breaks with friends. The idea of extending the weekend to three-four days by taking leave is a regular practice.

An extra day can add so much fun to the weekend, more so if the ‘d’ is naughty silent in ‘Let’s have a Three-day’. It’s all in the mind what the three friends are referring to. Anything is possible between consenting adults. ‘Hotel Tonight’ is not responsible for the possibilities. The app is more known for last-minute hotel bookings. Unfortunately, it currently does not cover hotels in India but promises that they are getting there.

Milton Kuch Naya Soochte Hain

Milton has been a household name in India as a brand of household products from bottles, tiffin, and plug-heat-tiffin. A few of their products are really innovative. I remember the plug-and-heat tiffin, oil-separating pickle jar, insulated plastic tiffin and easy-to-close airtight containers.

I frankly expect a lot more from the brand Milton.  ‘Kahan Ka Piya’ is seriously a disappointment. Is this a representation of ‘Kuch Naya Sochte Hain’?

Travel and the flask is an active link. Experience and travel too are strongly linked. Then there is the capability of the thermosteel flask to retain the temperature of the fluid up to 24 hours. Layer that with the saying ‘Ghat Ghat Ka Paani Piya’ referring to have travelled and experienced a lot. However, the end result ‘Kahan Ka Piya’ is neither refreshing nor Nai Sooch.

It is a montage of travel shots, supported by uninspiring melodious lyrics and music. This music reminds one of MP Tourism advertisement!  There are frequent shots of the thermosteel flask in use. Must appreciate someone laboriously trying to integrate it with a story seamlessly. A story that simply does not exist. Milton, Kuch Naya Soocho.



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