S Yesudas launches Y&A Transformation

14 Aug,2018

By A Correspondent


S Yesudas

S Yesudas who launched Triggerbridge a few years back, announced the launch of his second venture, Y&A Transformation Pvt Ltd. Y&A, notes a communique, is a pureplay business transformation company and works with the vision of helping enterprises erase the legacy #BestPractices mindset to build the #NextPractices in the areas of Digital, Tech, Data, Content, Customer Centricity, Marketing RoI, Organization culture and CSR/Sustainability.


Talking about the road ahead, Yesudas, Co-founder and Managing Director, Y&A said: “We are very fortunate to have support of clients who believe in our philosophy, from Day One. As a result, the operation kickstarted with some revenue; unheard of, otherwise. We are building very agile, collaborative, innovative and adaptive framework, tools and processes, which are detailed on our website www.ynatransformation.com We will help forward looking clients with all the necessary support to get the very best out of the ever dynamic digital ecosystem where speed is the necessity. We don’t believe data in its current avatar allows clients to take bold and beautiful decisions on customer centricity. And we believe, most attributions being tracked to paid efforts are contrary to the reality of the testimonial economy. We find it funny when “targeted” and “exposure” are used in the same breath. We are here to make a big difference to clients and compel the agencies to re-think”



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