Mia’s new campaign #MeInAction celebrates the women of today

20 Aug,2018

By A Correspondent


Tanishq’s new campaign #MeInAction for Mia, attemps to applaud the women of today for being dynamic, confident and absolutely unapologetic. The woman of today is constantly on the move and versatile in her approach to life, whether at home, at work, or at social gatherings. Not to mention, she does this with immeasurable élan and panache.


Speaking about the campaign, Sandeep Kulhalli, Senior Vice President, Retail and Marketing, Tanishq said: “Mia by Tanishq has always offered the very best of fashion fine jewellery for women, and has always complimented her as she carries herself in total confidence. With the #MeInAction campaign, we aim to celebrate the crusader in a woman, at every step of her life, with complete style and elegance, and combined with her unstoppable actions; she is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone’s eyes are on her as she captures the world entirely.”


Added Arun Iyer, Chairman, Lowe Lintas: “Women today are achieving whatever they set their minds to. They are unhinged and fearless in their approach. But instead of putting their accomplishments on a pedestal, we wanted to show the work they put into it. Our desire was to bring to life the fact that whatever women do, they do it in their own unique way. Their strengths and personalities are what they bring to the table. To sum it all up, all we wanted to highlight women in action. That’s where the idea of ‘Me In Action’ came from.”



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