Lay’s encourages people to immerse themselves in real-time experiences

01 Aug,2018

By A Correspondent


Lay’s has taken its proposition of ‘The Real Flavours of Life’ a step further with a new film on Friendship Day called College Canteen + No Network = #RealFlavoursOfLife. The film serves as an encouragement for all youngsters to look up from their screens and tune into the real moments of life.


Talking about the film, Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, Western Snacks Category, PepsiCo India, said:“Experience is the new social currency for the youth today. That’s why they are busy showcasing the experience and sometimes miss living it fully. With this film we aim to encourage people to tune out for a bit, look up from their phone screens and feel the moments they are living in. Life after all is in the little moment of happiness, togetherness and so much more that Lay’s stands for.”



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