Are we really free this Independence Day?

14 Aug,2018


By Team MxMIndia


We celebrate our 72nd Independence Day tomorrow.

And the question which we must ask ourselves is: Are we in the media ecosystem really free this Independence Day?

Before you think we are raising this issue because of the alleged goings-on in some/ many news media entities, we must clarify we aren’t. For, the questions concerns us all in media, advertising and marketing.

For instance, are we really able to produce the entertainment content that we would like to watch? Are we really happy with the content dished out on infotainment channels? Or kiddie stuff? Is our advertising coming up with out-of-the-box ideas in every ad? Do we want our agency to come up with out-of-the-box ideas or is it all lip-service? Do our marketers stick to the promises made to consumers?

There are many more questions and points to ponder as we celebrate our 72nd Independence Day.

We don’t have ready solutions for any of these. But if we resolve to try and change things in our own small way and ensure that we break free from what we have got ourselves into, perhaps we can say that we are truly free this Independence Day.



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