Utterly Fifaly Russilicious!

17 Jul,2018


By A Correspondent [updated]


There are few better ways to chronicle the just-concluded FIFA World Cup than the Amul topicals. We bring you all the ads released for the Russian edition. Perhaps every edition of the World Cup sees the creators of the Amul ad at Mumbai-based da Cunha Advertising see their creative juices flowing better than ever before.


We still fondly remember the ‘Maradonatohaisa, butter hona toh Amul hona’ from 1989, though couldn’t locate the image for the 1982 super-ad ‘Pau lo roz hi’ on Paolo Rossi.


There have been as many as 13 ads released just in the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, with, we are sure a few more could follow. For instance, how about one on the Croatian president who, like the team, won our heart.


We will update this story when there’s more. Meanwhile, here’s the collection. Enjoy.















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