Supari Studios unveils #OnlyInSalons campaign for L’Oreal Professional

11 Jul,2018

By A Correspondent


Supari Studios and 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide have released a new video for L’Oreal Professional. The campaign, #OnlyInSalons emphasises on the importance of an expert when it comes to colouring hair.


Said Mitali Sharma, Executive Producer, Supari Studios: “L’Oreal came to us with the brief for this project where they wanted to create a video that motivates women to go to the salon to colour their hair as opposed to doing it themselves at home. Instantly we knew that we could make a very interesting film – especially since it was going to be focused on the digital medium – and began working on a couple of ideas. After a few conversations with the client, we knew which route would work for the film. We also knew that we would be working with Twinkle Khanna so we worked towards adding quirks from her perspective in the script so that it felt more natural to her. And working with Twinkle Khanna was as fun as watching her on screen, she is awesome!”


Added Akshat Gupt, Director, Supari Studios: “Today the biggest teacher is Youtube. With the penetration of the Internet knowledge sharing is at its peak and today you can do things yourself easily. Ironically enough, we often misinterpret how easy it is to do something at home. Some things are easier than others and some you just need an expert to execute. The film was based on this insight and hence we created the why do it yourself campaign. In order to use twinkle’s quirky personality we started with an interesting angle of her working out to capture the audience attention. We also used a series of fast cuts called as a hip hop montage to present a hair commercial in a unique and differentiated manner. We tried to keep it light and real in order to make the film relatable.”



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