Sanjeev Kotnala: How many more songs will Malishka have to make for Mumbai?

19 Jul,2018

By Sanjeev Kotnala


It is no surprise that Malishka has done it again for Aamchi Mumbai

Last time she did the song ‘Mumbai Tula BMC War Bharosa Nahi ka’  (Don’t you believe in BMC). We appreciated her song more than the efforts.

This time she has done a song on post rains Mumbai. ‘Zingaat- Aata Mumbai Atakli, Aamchi Satkli’. (Mumbai has stopped, and my mind has gone crazy).

In the song, she asks ‘Kitney Gaane Banaye Haa’? (How many songs should we make?).

I think the question is both to the administration and the citizen of Aamchi Mumbai.

What have we done to support her initiative? Zilch.

We shared her song, watched it on YouTube, marked our likes and sent a few thousand tweets.

That’s all we did. And, it counts for nothing.

I moved to this city in 2004 and saw the big rains of 2005. I was horrified and surprised that Mumbai woke up to another working day. We saluted the spirit of Mumbai and life was back to Square One.

It happened again and again.

Have we accepted it as our fate?

The disciplined highly optimistic tormented citizen of Mumbai, live through the annual ritual of havoc creating rains. Wrong. The showers do not produce the chaos.

The people responsible for managing our lives do. The people we elect polarised with caste, language and religion politics.

How come the city has found no solution to this problem through the decades?

Trust me: it will happen again in 2019 and 2020 and 2021 and so on.

For things to change if the admiration sleeps the citizen have to wake up.

The bridge falls, and we bear it all.

The car goes into a ditch, and we joke about it worrying NASA.

Potholes lead to accidents. People lose their loved ones.

When we leave home, we don’t know if we will be back.

You could be the next one sucked in an open manhole that does not worry us.

The wall falls, and all we do is talk about corruption.

The roof caves in and we share pictures of the tragedy.

It’s not that we are not concerned.

Along with one of the richest civic body busy investing money into things that do nothing to improve the living standards, we too have become equally insensitive.

The song counts for nothing unless we do something about it.

On one side as a truly responsible citizen of the city, we must also contribute.

We must stop throwing garbage out in the street.

We must stop the use of plastic.

We must help in keeping the sewerage de-clogged.

And we start a relentless pursuit of action.

Stop tolerating inaction and half-baked promises.

Adapt this song by Malishka as the cry-anthem of Aamchi Mumbai.

Refuse to step out and drive or move on these potholed roads.

Play Malishka song full volume through the rains and the potholes.

Play it at every red light while you wait for the green signal.

Play it bindass on your phone without headphones.

Play it near every government office responsible for this state of Aamchi Mumbai.  Continue playing it through the Ganapati.

Let the media show its power to bring about a change.

Let all radio stations in Mumbai play only this song for one day.

Let the newspapers co-create the call for action and unite for what the city needs.

Let them rediscover the front page.

Let the OOH devote some space and bring alive the situation to the blind administration.

The administration must wake up and start working immediately.

We need an extra-constitutional civic body of responsible citizens to monitor the plans and their implementation.

Malishka alone can’t make it happen.

To me, she is the citizen Ambassador of Aamchi Mumbai.


And just as a reminder – watch the ‘Mumbai Tula BMC War Bharosa Nahi ka’ in case you have forgotten about it.




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