Neymar’s antics inspire hilarious memes

12 Jul,2018

Image Courtesy KFC TVC


By Prabhakar Mundkur


One calculation said that Neymar had spent 14 minutes rolling on the ground during the recent FIFA matches. If that wasn’t enough for Neymar to have become the laughing stock of the soccer fraternity, the after-memes inspired by Neymar have become a source of entertainment for the public at large. In other words, you just have to ask yourself the question “What would Neymar be if he were a dog?” and you can have a pretty hilarious answer like this video that was doing the rounds of social media last week.


But one advertiser was quick enough to respond, when they actually decided to make a commercial for themselves using Neymar antics as the context for the commercial. The ‘Keep Rolling’ commercial from Ogilvy Cape Town capitalized on an existing meme to make KFC memorable during the FIFA season and beyond. The commercial depicts a fictional player rolling out of a stadium through several local scenarios to finally reach a KFC outlet.


Hyundai stokes Nostalgia for 20th India Anniversary 

The new commercials from Hyundai use nostalgia to strengthen the brand while celebrating its 20th anniversary in India. The commercial has the story of a dad who doesn’t want to sell his carin spite of having bought a new car. In fact this dad loves his Hyundai so much, that the old car gets pride of place in the garage while the new car is parked outside in the open.  For many car owners selling a car can be a heart-breaking experience so this takes off from a real insight.  Hyundai calls it their ‘Brilliant Moments with Hyundai campaign’ but I think it works at many levels.  On the surface, it may seem like a campaign that is meant to extend their gratitude to its 5.3 million customers.  It even suggests that Hyundai cars may get old but they never die.


But millennials love nostalgia it seems so the campaign may well strengthen Hyundai’s connect with the new generation.  In fact, the son in the campaign is no doubt a millennial and has an important role to play in the commercial.


One piece of American marketing theory says that the millennial generation, in particular, is longing for the familiar. Largely because the defining cultural motif of our times is to counter the exhaustive pace that technology is forcing on our lives. Millennials this theory says are looking for brands that remind them of growing up and that elicit feelings of safety, comfort, and happiness. And that there is a yearning to bring back the “good old days” as they remember them. This kind of marketing logic rests on the fact that people (millennials) are literally buying into the past.  The thesis is that if you can show that a brand has been a part of a culture in the past, it shows how relevant it is to the present.


So, I think the Hyundai campaign works at many levels to create strong emotional bonds with a wide range of customers both old and young.


Is this new?

Well, maybe not.  Volkswagen is one of the car companies that has been exploiting old relationships that it has with its customers.  One of the brands that it has been constantly evoking nostalgia for is the Beetle.  Another favourite was what we called the Volkswagen van, also known as the Volkswagen Kombi. In September 2013, after 63 years of production Volkswagen announced the discontinuation of the Kombi. They created a beautiful commercial for the Kombi based on the real consumers memories of the car.


The new Airbnb TVC has the ring of reality around it 

The new Airbnb drew criticism from some quarters but I thought it was a good commercial which was right on strategy.  Also, I thought it showed the typical process that consumers actually go through when planning their travel overseas. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor came through as real people although they are celebrities in real life. That gave the commercial a ring of reality.


Of course, maybe the script writer could have done a better job of the actual conversation. Most couples would first decide on the city or town they want to travel to when they are going on a holiday.  However, in the commercial, Saif and Kareena are deciding between an accommodation in NottingHill which is a district in West London and Brighton which is a sea side resort roughly 90 minutes away from London by train,often called London-by-the-sea and a castle somewhere else.  That did seem a little odd. I would decide that I want to stay in London and then choose alternative locations in London.  Or I would decide that I want to stay in Brighton and choose alternative accommodation in Brighton. Unless of course I just want a holiday in the UK and don’t have any particular location in mind, which of course rarely happens.


But otherwise it was a nice way to introduce the traveler to the Airbnb brand and mimic the actual buying process the consumer would have to go through.



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