Isobar predicts Headless Commerce’ as the future of transactional brand experiences

31 Jul,2018

By A Correspondent


Isobar has published a white paper that elaborates on how ‘Headless Commerce’, an approach to technology architecture, plays a more critical role today.


The report, titled ‘Headless Commerce: Differentiating Your Approach To Experience Commerce Strategy’ shares how Headless Commerce is an opportunity for brands. It argues that the reconfiguration of legacy systems can support the functional, emotional and tangible needs of a customer experience. It also explains how the Headless Commerce approach provides brands with greater control over the UX, giving them a consistent identity across an entire ecosystem of touchpoints and a foundation to create long-term customer relationships that can deliver sustainable business growth.


Vikalp Tandon

Said Vikalp Tandon, Global Chief Technology Officer, Isobar: “One of the biggest challenges in the experience economy for brands is to engage consumers at every touchpoint across an ecosystem. This goes beyond serving the right content at the right time. It originates in the brand’s technology infrastructure that powers their digital presence. The Headless Commerce approach allows brands to deliver a truly customer-centric experience at speed and scale which is key in today’s landscape and is needed to move forward.”


Shekhar Mhaskar

Commenting on the launch, Shekhar Mhaskar, EVP, Isobar India and Head Isobar Commerce, India added: “In this day and age, the consumer demands and desires a seamless, homogenous and uninterrupted experience that is agnostic of devices and media channels. And this is even more imperative in the realm of online commerce. Headless Commerce, as a practice, helps to solve all the above, continuously and at speed. It also empowers the brands to simultaneously innovate and improve on two important fronts – front-end customer experience and back-end technology.”


The white paper was authored by Mustafa Rashid, Head of Emerging Technologies – Isobar UK and Tandon.



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