Wolfzhowl completes five years in India

11 Jun,2018

By A Correspondent


Strategic brand consultancy firm Wolfzhowl Strategic Instigations has completed five years in India.


Kalyan Ram Challapalli

Said Kalyan Ram Challapalli, founder and Chief of Strategy Wolfzhowl: “It’s been an exciting journey to say the least. Because of our pride & integrity towards the craft of strategy, Wolfzhowl has been a home to strategists who have had the pleasure of their craft being the hero and not as a prefix or a suffix to execution work. We have been blessed with a steady stream of brilliant strategists in the last five years. And they could not have been a more diverse bunch. From pure communication planners, to behavioural strategists to design strategists and media connections planners etc;! This diversity in thinking has made our output richer and deeper. Whether they are still with Wolfzhowl or not, they will be foreverwolves! Our strength lies in the constant stream of talent that finds us.


Added Shilpa Kamath, Head of Business, Wolfzhowl: “Being in the business of pure strategy and monetising it has been a challenge, while doing doing great work, in the last five years. We have had the opportunity to purpose atleast 10-12 brands across varied categories from finance to entertainment, home furnishings and hospitality. We have been fortunate to work on some exciting behaviour change projects as well, like content strategy, brand transformation exercise, brand identity and architecture, brand platform creation, digital engagement strategy, specific geography related behaviour change etc. We want to thank all the clients we have worked with and also all the agencies we have collaborated with.



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