Supari Studios unveils campaign for Moisture Surge

25 Jun,2018

By A Correspondent


Supari Studios has produced the latest campaign for Clinique for the product, Moisture Surge.


Said Anna Joseph, Director of the film: “The brief we received was that the film had to cover different moments over 72 hours in Sanya Malhotra’s life. As a young actress her days are filled with all sorts of activities – from photo shoots to rigorous dance rehearsals to downtime with friends – we wanted to give the viewer an insight into her personality as well as establish how Moisture Surge is a product she relies on to keep her skin looking great through the day. We tried to intersperse the product shots organically through the film so they felt like a part of her regular routine. We kept the camera movement fluid and made her interact with the camera as much as possible so it would feel like you’re moving with her through different parts of her day. Lastly, we made sure to put her essence into the film so that it felt natural and fun. She’s a great dancer and a very positive, happy person – it was important to bring that out in the film.”


Mitali Sharma

Added Mitali Sharma, Executive Producer, Supari Studios: “When Clinique came to us with the brief for this project, we knew that the 72 hour factor of the product would be pivotal. There’s so much that happens in 72 hours of any person’s life especially someone like Sanya, so this film is extremely relatable for anyone that watches it. When developing the narrative and script for this we felt that the mood and theme of this film would resonate with the target audience “



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