Dentsu launches its latest proprietary tool, DAN Explore

27 Jun,2018

By A Correspondent


Dentsu Aegis Network’s Data Sciences Team has announced the roll-out of a tool that captures the trend of changing audience behaviour and understand the nuances of various consumer cohorts across media touchpoints, backed by behavioral triggers and psychographic understanding – DAN Explore.


The tool will be a first in the market that examines differences in media consumption habits across TV, Digital, OOH, Mobile and other touchpoints in the consumer’s journey to help marketers combat the challenge to determine when, where and how best to reach their audiences.


Gautam Mehra

Commenting on the launch, Gautam Mehra, the South Asia Chief Data Officer of Dentsu Aegis Network said: “With data and smartphone prices being more ubiquitous, India has seen a distortion in the traditional path to purchase of the digitised consumer. While traditionally there have been challenges in brands understanding nuances in audience traits of the various subsets of their consumers, the growing needs of clients and brand strategists alike have inspired us to probe further in assuming ways to extracting these rich insights. The influence of sophisticated techniques like Artificial Intelligence, on the backbone of heightened processing capabilities has now made deeper understanding of audiences across various touchpoints very real. Through our access of deep rooted APIs with our partners in traditional and new media , and our proprietary data sources, we have endeavored to decode audience behaviours across various platforms to capture a unified audience view to solve brand challenges.”


Narayan Devanathan

“There have been two ‘fights’ in the communications business, one that’s been around for a couple of decades now and the other of more recent making. The first is between media and creative. The separation of these two components has resulted in a gap in how a media planner sees the audience and how a brand planner sees the consumer. The second is between Big Data and creative. What we seem to have forgotten in all these ‘fights’ is that everything we do is in the interest of best matching consumers and brands. What that requires is a connecting of the dots so that we understand people as people—not only as consumers of media or brands. DAN Explore opens up countless ways to connect the dots precisely because it collects all kinds of dots about people and their lives. From passion points to brand and media consumption, from offline to online behavior, from individual to group affinities. In doing so, it does what data is supposed to do in the first place – help explore and find unexpected, inspiring insights,” added Narayan Devanathan, Group Executive and Strategy Officer at Dentsu Brand Agencies, South Asia.



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