BC Web Wise partners Qoruz to deliver influencer marketing solutions

26 Jun,2018

By A Correspondent


BC Web Wise has partnered with marketing technology company Qoruz, in a bid to help brands maximize the impact of their influencer marketing efforts. This partnership will give the BC Web Wise customers an integrated solution for their Influencer Marketing goals, powered by both the companies.


Said Chaaya Bharadwaaj, Founder and Managing Director, BC Web Wise: “I was thrilled when we saw what Qoruz’s platform can do. As an agency, we represent brands that need true representation on the web, since their products have direct impact on people. It is extremely vital for marketers to know the influencers who are more relevant, local and relatable to these audiences and work out amazing campaigns with them.”


Added Ajay Malvankar, Associate Director – ORM, BC Web Wise: “We are very excited to have Qoruz onboard, as our partner. This partnership with Qoruz doesn’t enable just us, but our clients and influencers as well, to engage in a win-win model. We are confident that together, we will be able to create a more powerful influencer marketing experience for the end-users, influencers and the brands.”


Said Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, CEO and Co-founder, Qoruz: “The business of Influencer Marketing has transformed completely in last five years. Earlier, influencers were celebrities, business, and public leaders, sportspeople, etc. But today, anyone with an access to the internet can become an influencer, especially in niche categories. This means that influencer marketers need to adopt a more data-driven, and focused approach involving these influencers. We are really excited that BC Web Wise shares our visions in helping businesses build deeper trust with their customers using influencer marketing.”



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