Whyness unveils integrated campaign for Carlton Edge series

03 May,2018

By A Correspondent


Whyness has unveiled a 360-degree marketing campaign to launch the Carlton Edge range of bags. The advertising film has been directed by British adfilm-maker Peter Lydon.

Said Radhika Piramal, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of VIP Industries: “We have high hopes for the Carlton Edge bags with their unique Lifetime Warranty that takes care of any kind of bag damage, no questions asked. In my mind, this is what a thought leader does: disrupts, innovates and changes the rules of the game. I’m sure this campaign will be the perfect launch pad for this unique offering.”

Added Sudip Ghose, CEO, VIP Industries: “Carlton Edge and its Lifetime Warranty now raise the bar for the entire premium luggage category in India. This is true innovation in both product and service. This marketing campaign, designed to celebrate both the bag and the unique Lifetime Warranty, is just the high-impact launch such a bag deserves.”

Said Anirudh Pandharkar, Head of Marketing, VIP Industries: “Carlton Edge’s Lifetime Warranty is a category changer. No other bag brand offers a warranty that takes care of all kinds of damage, including airline damage, no questions asked. This marketing campaign delivers on highlighting the special qualities of this bag and its special offer.”

Added Ravi Deshpande, the Chairman and CCO of Whyness Worldwide: “Using understated British humour, this campaign demonstrates the supreme confidence that Carlton have in their lifetime warranty and its ability to accept even the most incredible bag damage story, no questions asked. It also showcases the bag’s ability to withstand the toughest punishment.”



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