What’s Your Problem unveils brand campaign for Everest

17 May,2018

By A Correspondent


Building solutions company Everest has launched its new product Everest Super – cement roofing sheets with heat and water resistance and non-corrosive features.


Said Manish Sanghi, managing director of Everest Industries: “Everest Super is a truly innovative product that’s launched keeping in mind how colour can enhance the look of a roof and in turn the house itself. We hope that Everest Super becomes synonymous with the pride and development that reek of the rural India of today.”


Adding to the creative approach, Mihir Chitre, Associate Creative Director, What’s Your Problem, said: “The attempt, as always, was to come from an insight. In this case, we realised that in the rural India of today, everything, from mobile covers to footwear, oozes colour. But surprisingly, roofs have always been an exception. Hence we decided to simply ask people if their whole life is colourful, why not the roof above the head. This became the campaign thought.



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