Republic TV partners Gramener for elections

15 May,2018

By A Correspondent


Republic TV has signed up for a strategic multi-year partnership with Gramener for real-time election coverage. Powered by the data science company, the channel has lined up coverage for all Indian state elections and even the 2019 (or 2018?) general elections.


Arnab Goswami

Said Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief, Republic TV: “Republic Network is the largest and most trusted platform for Elections. We love covering elections, political debates and election related panel discussions. Our viewers expect us to cover every election in the most accurate and in-depth manner. With the explosion of noise today, it’s becoming more and more crucial to present viewers with the accurate picture and present it in a manner that’s easy to understand and evaluate. Hence we have partnered with Gramener in a continued pursuit to focus on analyzing data and bringing to the audience fantastic visual presentation of election results. Election means Republic TV and Republic TV equals news.”


Vikas Khanchandani

Added Vikas Khanchandani, CEO, Republic TV: “As a brand, we want to provide deeper insights to the audience using simple data representation for election coverage. I’m glad that Gramener, our strategic partner will help us further strengthen this ability by decoding complex election data and build a unique experience for our audience with live data graphics and fastest numbers in all Indian state elections and the 2019 General Elections.”



Anand S

Said Anand S, CEO, Gramener: “Media & Entertainment is a key vertical for growth and we devised intelligent solutions for Global audience. We would bring cognitive and data science expertise to sharpen the election analysis with cutting-edge analytics and visualisation tools in a real-time environment.”



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