MxMIndia Statement on GDPR

28 May,2018


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective Friday, May 25. We are at MxMIndia have always been governed by a strict Code of Ethics on the way we conduct ourselves. We also have a very strict and some say even rigid policy on privacy issues. So even if you offer us loads of dosh, we will not part with our database. Yes, we will offer a service to advertisers to be able to reach out to our database, but that’s only via us.

Our primary allegiance is to you, our readers. As a media entity, we value your privacy.

If, however, you still have questions about the processes we follow, we are happy to respond to you via mail or even the phone.

If you still don’t believe us or are unsure about our privacy policies as also our resolve to protect your identity, please write to us. We will unsubscribe you from our central database, and will mail you our daily newsletter individually.

Please write to us at with GDPR in the subject.

We are revising our Privacy Policy to incorporate these changes.



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