Dentsu Webchutney, RPG Group launch ‘Hello Happiness’ campaign

21 May,2018

By A Correspondent


The RPG group has partnered with Dentsu Webchutney to launch a campaign featuring four films with their brand tagline ‘Hello Happiness’.


This new campaign, notes a communique, took its cue from the group’s vision statement that harbours a bright square smiley, alongside values such as ‘Unleash Talent’, ‘Touch Lives’ and ‘Outperform’. Spread across six weeks, the campaign, driven largely via short films, illustrates how the group has brought happiness into the lives of diverse stakeholders.


Said Manjira Sharma, DGM – Corporate Brand & Communications, RPG Enterprises: “At RPG, we believe that if we are able to bring any change into the lives of people, we have done justice to the group’s existence. And this change is only evident through people’s smiles; that is the bar we have set to measure our success. This is the reason we had to own the position of ‘Happiness’.”


Nishi Kant, EVP and Branch head, Dentsu Webchutney says, “Real happiness is very tangible and each RPG film brings this home for the viewer – whether that be a child jumping around at an unexpected happiness, the tears streaming down a mother’s cheek at her daughter’s achievement, the boundless joy experienced by a grandfather in his grandchild’s company or the cheerful confidence of a happy employee. The term Hello Happiness means the active expression of Happiness and that is what the RPG Group stands for.”



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