Indian M&E industry at its Digital Tipping Point

12 Mar,2018


By Indrani Sen


“All the segments of the M&E sector are showing growth, consolidation and innovation led by digital, both on consumer side and the content supply chain,”noted Uday Shankar, Chairman, FICCI Media & Entertainment Committee in the introduction of FICCI-EY Report 2018.According to the experts from EY, Farokh Balsara and Ashish Pherwani, the Indian Media & Entertainment Industry has reached its Digital Tipping Point. In other words, thereare significant changes happening all around our M&E industry to cause a larger, more important change which will see the transformation of our country to Digital India.


The FICCI-EY Report 2018 has highlighted quite a few of these changes: distribution of television has become largely digitised increasing its addressability and reach, the OTT platforms for TV and video content are growing rapidly, both print and radio segments are growing continuously with more focus on their digital presence, exponential growth (though from a small base) of digital subscription and online gaming riding on falling data cost, emergence of India as the second largest smartphone market in the world giving easy access of internet to consumers, rapid growth of digital micro-payment ecosystem across urban and rural markets, etc.


The above changes are expected to grow our digital content consumption substantially which in turn would increase the size of the total industry from INR 1.5 trillion (USD 22.7 billion) in 2017 to INR 2 trillion + (USD 31 billion+) by 2020 at a CAGR of 11.6%.

Source: FICCI-EY Report on M&E industry 2018


As shown in the above chart, while the industry grew by 13% from 2016 to 2017, the growth was led by digital, film, animation & VFX, gaming and events. The same trends are expected to continue over the next three years. Another significant trend, which has been seen for the first time in the M&E sector, is outpacing of advertising growth (under10 %) by subscription growth (almost 15%) in 2017 over 2016. This trend will continue to be a major contributor to the Digital Tipping Point.


Based on this new trend of growth in subscription,the report has made a forecast on new customer segmentation which will be an integral part of Digital India by 2020. This new consumer segmentation will be important for the A&M Industry for targeting their audience.


Source: FICCI-EY Report on M&E industry 2018


We can assume that there will be a process of continuous migration from the bottom tier of mass consumers to the tactical digital consumers to the only digital consumers as we go forward to the next decade. As far as deployment of resources for advertising is concerned, we will see online media campaigns slowly gaining over the combination of online and offline media campaigns at the top end of the consumer pyramid.



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