Croma’s new campaign encourages an eco-friendly summer

08 Mar,2018

By A Correspondent


Croma has launched a summer campaign promoting a switch to inverter ACs that promise to consume up to 40 per cent less electricity.


Said Ritesh Ghosal – CMO, Croma (Infiniti Retail Ltd): “Last year 33 per cent of ACs sold by Croma were inverter ACs. This year, in line with our goal of promoting responsible consumption, we are trying to take this number up to the 100 per cent mark. Not only are we offering attractive exchange prices, we will also be planting a tree in the customer’s name for every old AC brought in.Past campaigns had shown that pure rational logic does not work to overcome people’s inertia therefore, the brief in this case was to deliver an emotive pitch.”


Added KS Chakravarthy, the creative mind behind the TVC: “This campaign is a natural extension of Croma’s previous ‘Exchange Your E-junk for a tree’ initiative, continuing the theme of caring for the planet by saving energy.  A very complex and layered message was reduced to a one line call-to-action ‘Uncle will you plant a tree?’ With this one line, we have managed to grab the viewers’ interest, pique their curiosity and tap into their sense of responsibility towards the planet’s future in a disarming way, without sounding boring or preachy.”



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