AdStrat: Tata Motors goes VR with Ogilvy for Prima global sales

19 Feb,2018

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By A Correspondent


What does an auto major do to sell what it calls its ‘World-Smart Truck’? Take it on the roads across the world? Impossible. Send glossy brochures to prospective customers? Naah. Enter technology, and here’s an easy tool deployed by the folks at the commercial vehicles division of Tata Motors to give potential buyers an experience of the real thing. Well, almost.


Enter Virtual Reality or VR, the ‘Formidable 4’ campaign brings out Tata Prima’s versatility across different applications in an “immersive fashion”.


Tata Motors commissioned its digital agency Ogilvy Digital on the job with a clear mandate to let people experience the versatility of the vehicle. The brief given, a global hunt started for the best possible VR film-maker. In came Sandeep (Kamal) Kamalasanan who is regarded as one of India’s best VFX and hybrid media specialist. Kamal interestingly started off as an artist in Udaipur before taking the leap into computer-aided art. And the rest, as they say, is history.


George Kovoor

The leadership team on the project at Ogilvy Digital – George Kovoor – Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai and Namrata Keswani – Head of Digital Domain, Ogilvy Mumbai facilitated an exclusive look at the hybrid films and here’s what they had to say. Kovoor: “The Tata Prima is the flagship brand of the Tata Motors fleet of commercial vehicles. Tata Motors wanted to showcase its technological prowess in an international market dominated by giants like Mercedes, Volvo and Mitsubishi.  We took that as a challenge and created a first of its kind experience that intersects experiential technology and storytelling. “The Formidable 4” is a unique hybrid VR film that seamlessly merges virtual reality with I-max technology, graphic animations and interactivity to literally take you into the future of test drives. I would like to commend the client for partnering with us on a project of this magnitude and scale. I would also like to thank Sandeep Kamal, one of the finest VR film directors in India, who turned our vision into a magical reality.” And Keswani: The hybrid film gives an opportunity to customers and patrons of automobiles in general to virtually experience trucking on varied terrains which include – a racing track, a mountain pass, a mine and a highway. While traversing through these four terrains, one also gets a sense of how challenging it is to tread on them and learn the technological prowess of the Tata Prima at play.”


Namrata Keswani

Both Keswani and Kovoorard delighted at the results that the film has produced. The film was released in November and has done the rounds, though it was shown to the media only last week. Keswani is quick to say that the film isn’t a replacement for test drives. When asked how much time it took to get the film ready – from brief to delivery, Kovoor said two months. Two years, we asked. No, two months, he said emphatically. “We’ve been working with Tata Motors since late 2016 and we understand the client and its products well. The film was shot entirely in Rajasthan and the outskirts of New Delhi.


And did it mean that their client had to shell out millions to produce the film. Keswani clarified that it’s possible as much as a regular TVC. And what’s more, given the way it has been produced, we can add on modules without having to


Rudrarup Maitra

We missed meeting Rudrarup Maitra -  Head – International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, but here’s what he had to say in a communique:“The Tata Prima – Formidable 4 is a unique journey which helps us communicate to our prospective and existing customers. It redefines the way we demonstrate the versatility of the Tata Prima platform and the benefits of the Tata Prima’s technological prowess.Since the roll out of the film in November, we have been taking our fleet customers and key stakeholders through this VR experience. The experience has been able to generate excitement around Tata Prima across relevant audience and increase its


If the Ogilvy Digital films produce the desired results for Tata Motors, it’s surely going to be goodbye to PPTs and flipbook-based sales meetings.



Agency: The Ogilvy Team



George Kovoor- Group Creative Director

Nitin Kerur- Associate Creative Director

JiteshRaut- Associate Creative Director

Yash Kulkarni- Sr. Copywriter

AjinkyaGhorpade- Visualizer


Account Management:

Namrata Keswani- Head of Digital Domain

Sujay Srivastava- Client Servicing Director

JuhiWadia- Account Executive


Anirban- Sr. VP & Head of Planning

Aakash Singh- Planning Director



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