Tata AIA reveals what it takes to ‘Love Unconditionally’

22 Feb,2018

By A Correspondent


Tata AIA Life Insurance has launched its new brand campaign ‘Love Unconditionally’. The campaign portrays term product as an act of selfless love since the purchaser of the product will never get any benefit for his or her own self. The campaign captures the essence of protection and the responsibility that consumers have towards their loved ones.


The digital only campaign has been created by FCB India and conceptualised by Tata AIA. Said Rishi Srivastava, Senior VP – Proprietary Channels and Marketing Tata AIA Life Insurance: “When you love someone unconditionally, you want to protect them for ever. That is the primary intent captured in our ad campaign.  We want consumers to align with the idea of protection as a selfless act, and how it can potentially keep them safe under any circumstance. This campaign reinforces our commitment to being the pre-eminent protection provider. This is in line with our business strategy as we want to bring as many people as possible under protection cover. We partnered with FCB India for this campaign, who have beautifully captured and portrayed the right sentiment via the campaign.”


Added Keegan Pinto, Creative Head (West) and National Creative Director – Branded Content, FCB India: “Working closely with Tata AIA, we challenged the norms of the category and created a campaign that doesn’t simply talk about protection but goes deeper, by talking about why we protect our family… Because we love them unconditionally. The idea is that because we ‘Love Unconditionally’, we want to make sure that our loved ones are protected even when we aren’t around. We decided to create film that strays from the conventional expressions of care and protection that are so strongly associated with the category and create a thrilling film about a man who is willing to take a beating so his wife can protect herself even when he isn’t around. The whole build-up of the film has a tone of action and suspense with the actors in it carrying out real stunts, using real self-defence techniques. A jingle based on the idea of ‘Love Unconditionally’ was also created specifically for the campaign. It is what causes the change in tonality in the film, from a thriller to a romance. From what seems like a story of a woman being attacked to one about a woman being trained because she is loved,”.



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