Siddhartha Mukherjee: The Roast – An Honest Try towards PR for PR!

01 Feb,2018

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


A few days back, we witnessed a humble but genuine attempt by a bunch of Industry professionals to create a platform for the Advertising and PR Industry professionals to“Roast” each other. While it could have been moderated and molded much better, I must say, the captains representing our industry did a far better job than the advertising counterparts. For me, more than anything else, this is a small but great example of what PR for PR should and can be.

Curated by The Commune, apparently this was a first inthe media and marketing industry. Cheers to that!

What created a strong disposition towards this event for me was that this event, at least, dared to tout PR against an External Industry like Advertising…even Digital for that matter! Typically, for years now, we have witnessed mundane PR/Corporate Communications seminars which have over-glorified our achievements & achievers buttered with Self Gratification.

Such Open and Industry Agnostic format of events should be held more often! Even established Industry events like Emvies, Goafest, etc. should include or create one! If a brand needs Integrated Brand Communications Solutions, let such “Roasted” events be an eyeopener and act as educative platforms for one and all.

Talking about the PR and Corporate Communications Industry, we infact have plenty of talkpoints to showcase the good brandbuilding we do despite the ground realities. Plenty to put us on a pedestal. More so, plenty which can outrun those from other industries!


Below are some quick observations:

1. Small event but great leveler: While the overriding takeaway is entertainment, these events can act as great orientations for professionals across communication industries – public relations, advertising, events, etc. Which means that this can act as great levelers! This should help the Uptight and Upright attitude tone down.

2. Should be done more often across event platforms: More the merrier. Like Laughter Clubs, our industry-specific events should be held regularly. Does not matter if it is standalone or part of a larger event – Goafest, Praxis, Emvies, Cannes, etc.

3. Such events can leverage digital platforms: Such events need not to be staged and accessed offline. Digital platform is a great enabler.

4. Marketers can take the lead: At the end of the day, it is the marketers who use ATL and BTL tools. Advertising, Events, PR, Digital, Social, et al are tools and there are service providers for these. Marketers can use the initiative of a Roast to break the ice, make one service industry understand the dynamic of the other, and of course, entertainthere service providers, once in a while!

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