SBI exhibits benefits of its NRI banking services in latest campaign

07 Feb,2018

By A Correspondent


Given the Indian diaspora being the largest in the world with over 15 million Indians living abroad, according to a United Nations survey in 2017, State Bank of India and its agency DDB Mudra have unveiled a new campaign.


Said Dinesh Menon, CMO, SBI: “Communication of NRI services have mostly been centered around a bank’s international network / presence and the range of services a bank provides. So, it’s largely been at a very rational level.


Added Shagun Seda, Group Creative Director, DDB Mudra West: “Everybody knows what SBI does, but what people don’t know is the subtle ways in which it touches our life and makes it easier. This becomes even more evident when you are working and living abroad. So instead of selling the NRI services to customers, we sold them a relatable family, a tricky situation and then everything else just fell into place.



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