Jaisurya Das: How #IRS2017 is good for the economy!

01 Feb,2018

By Jaisurya Das


I am not sure if you have noticed, but the post IRS2017 campaigns have been quite something. All that I knew of media statistics just went out of the window and quite unceremoniously.


I am an avid mediawatcher as readers would know and hence at the receiving end of several mails and data, coming in on a daily basis.


Every State now seems to have multiple leaders overnight and this, Ladies and Gentleman, is exceedingly confusing. I did try and down a few cans to understand this better, but, it didn’t help one bit except to add an inch to my august waistline.


However, since I am now at this respectable age, I decided to double-check if my learned friends in media actually know which newspaper leads each market but alas, the reaction was quite similar.


One actually named one and called back in seven minutes saying he has just received a fresh mail and now it is this other paper who is the new #1.

I did of course tell him to await the next few mails in this regard before he added that to his domain knowledge.


So, my dear readers, this currency has also been systematically eroded thanks to this raving and ranting by competitors calling themselves #1 using a SEC (or NCCS) classification in one, against AIR in the other and so on…


Well, so be it. This is an issue for the MRUC to look into and as far as I am know, their policy guidelines and rules mean nothing if they aren’t enforced on the ground to prevent such obvious dissonance.


But I must give credit too where it is due and if there is one thing that has worked well, it is the boost that the IRS study has given to the Indian economy.


Think of it my readers, just think of it.


Numerous team meetings, closed door board meetings, reviews, ad briefs, creative overnighters, mailshots, drinks flowing every night, food being consumed, taxis being taken, shoots being done.. The list is endless.


Imagine the increase in sales, Taj Mahal chai (or green tea), Brooke Bond, Wagh Bakri, Nescafe, Good Day cookies, Parle-G, Monaco, Old Monk, Absolut, Budweiser, Uber, Ola, Durex to relieve all the stress and so much more.


I believe besides Reliance Energy and the electricity major that clocked up great usage over the few days post release, and a Swiggy, Zomato and Domino’s also saw marked increase in sales. Coming to think of it, vada pav is quite a stimulant.


I suspect the creative chaps at agencies across the country also gave a bucketload of business to ITC and others. I am still trying to ascertain the huge spike in volumes noticed by vendors for green chillies during this period.


Am sure the Levers and others are still figuring how their sales has skyrocketed overnight. Online media companies are of course enjoying the multiple mailshots that is raking in the moolah every day. Yes, this site included.


But the point of the story as you can see my readers, is the boost to the economy thanks to this entire ecosystem. After all, they worked round the clock to decipher the IRS and arrive at these wonderful messages of unquestionable leadership. This is no laughing matter. One readership study and hundreds of brands and companies have benefited.


Now if this isn’t a truly national interest initiative, then what is!


And yes, do let me know once there is a final list of leaders. I can then sit back, put up my feet and sip a good beer.



Jaisurya Das, senior industryperson and serial entrepreneur is based in Pune. Pssst! He still loves crunching numbers and dreaming up strategies based on them.



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