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12 Feb,2018


By A Correspondent


Gunn Report, the global index of creative excellence in advertising, has released the results of the newly launched Gunn 100, a ranking of the top 100 creatively awarded advertising ideas of 2017- regardless of their communication discipline – and the companies behind them. The rankings, which include the top creative agencies, agency networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers and countries, are compiled by analysing the results of more than 40 of the world’s most important international, regional and national creative awards shows.


Sadly no Indian creative agency, brand or advertiser figures in the Top 10. In terms of countries, it comes #12 with UAE being #11. India’s ranking last year was #13.


Ranked the most creative campaign in the world is ‘Meet Graham’, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for Australia’s Transport Accident Commission,depicting what a human would have to look like to withstand a low speed crash.


In second place is McCann New York’s ‘Fearless Girl’. In honour of International Women’s Day, asset management firm State Street Global Advisors installed a bronze statue of a defiant girl staring down the iconic Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’ sculpture, which sparked a conversation on women’s equality issues in the US.


Ranked third is Pedigree’s humorous ‘Child Replacement Programme’ campaign in New Zealand, created by Colenso BBDO Auckland, which encourages parents to adopt a dog once their children have left home.


Three themes have emerged from the world’s most creative campaigns:

:: A year of ‘purpose’: purpose-driven marketing continues to dominate with brands (as opposed to charities or not-for-profit) using social or environmental causes in brand-building activity.

:: Creativity meets tech: A number of high-ranking campaigns found innovative ways to use emerging technology.

:: Emotion drives film-led work: A combination of emotional engagement and high production values was a recurring theme in film-led campaigns.


BBDO agencies dominate the league tables following an impressive performance around the world with four agencies listed in the top ten. Most notably Almap BBDO São Paulo tops the most creative agencies leader-board for the fourth time in the 19 years of Gunn Report. BBDO New York is ranked  second and Dentsu Tokyo third.


BBDO Worldwide heads the networks table, for an impressive twelfth consecutive year with 36 different offices contributing to their total. McCann Worldgroup are in second place and Ogilvy & Mather third.


Andrew Robertson, President and Chief Executive BBDO, comments: “We know that award-winning work works better in the marketplace, so topping the Gunn 100 matters. When we say we’re focused on The Work. The Work. The Work, we mean it:  winning Gunn for 12 years in a row proves it.”


For the first time Gunn Report has included a ranking of holding companies based on their creative output. Omnicom takes poll position followed by WPP in second and Interpublic Group in third place.


Nike has bounced back from 12th position last year to take first place in the brands table for the fifth time. Volkswagen, IKEA, Getty Images and McDonald’s follow.


German multinational Volkswagen Group, is the most creative advertiser with both Volkswagen and Audi ranking in the top ten brands. They had two campaigns in the top 100 and a further 30 from across all regions that contributed to their tally. Mars takes second place followed by Nike, Procter & Gamble and Samsung.


Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing, Volkswagen, says: “We are very pleased that Volkswagen Group has been named best advertiser of the world in 2017. Our campaigns are based on a tremendous passion for the automobile and people. Volkswagen is committed to creative advertising that convinces customers. This honour shows that our campaigns throughout the world have reached a top-class level and will provide the entire team with motivation to do even better and to defend the title.”


USA retains its place as the most creatively awarded country in the world by far. United Kingdom and Australia follow.


The most highly ranked ideas and companies in Gunn 100 are:

Top 10 world’s most creatively awarded campaigns


Campaign title Brand Agency Points
1 Meet Graham Transport Accident Commission

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

2 Fearless Girl State Street Global Advisors McCann New York 395.6
3 Child Replacement Programme Pedigree Colenso BBDO Auckland 302.3
4 Evan Sandy Hook Promise BBDO New York 300.7
5 Endless Possibilities Getty Images AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo 294.4
6 The Field Trip to Mars Lockheed Martin McCann New York 286.9
7 We’re The Superhumans Channel 4 Paralympics 4Creative London 262.9
8 Landcruiser Emergency Network Toyota Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney 256.3
9 Nike Unlimited Stadium Nike BBH Singapore 254.1
10 Like My Addiction Addict’Aide BETC Paris



And this is where entries from India scored. The School for Justice campaign is at #43 but is produced by JWT Amsterdam. Also, The Immunity Charm at #32 has been done for the Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan.


32 The Immunity Charm Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan McCann Mumbai 166.84
43 School For Justice Free A Girl Movement J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam 141.2
69 Adidas Odds Adidas Taproot Dentsu Mumbai 113.69
92 Dads #ShareTheLoad Ariel Matic BBDO Mumbai



Top 10 world’s best creative agencies

Rank Agency Location Points
1 AlmapBBDO São Paulo, Brazil 786.4
2 BBDO New York, USA 688.3
3 Dentsu Tokyo, Japan 651.1
4 adam&eveDDB London, UK 615.8
5 McCann New York, USA 605.9
6 Wieden+Kennedy Portland, USA 603.5
7 Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia 603.1
8 BETC Paris, France 493.3
9 DAVID Miami, USA 488.6
10 Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand 382.3


Top 10 world’s bestcreative agency networks

Rank Network Points
1 BBDO Worldwide 4256.4
2 McCann Worldgroup 2940.8
3 Ogilvy & Mather 2928.5
4 DDB Worldwide 2344.6
5 Leo Burnett 1593
6 TBWA Worldwide 1540.5
7 J. Walter Thompson 1401.6
8 Y&R 1396.7
9 Saatchi & Saatchi 901.9
10 Wieden+Kennedy 864


Top 10 world’s best creative holding companies

Rank Holding company Points
1 Omnicom Group 8891.5
2 WPP 7062.6
3 Interpublic Group 4511
4 Publicis Groupe 4114.4
5 Dentsu 1056.8
6 Havas Group 863.3
7 Hakuhodo DY Group 785.9
8 MDC Partners 551.8
9 BlueFocus Communication Group 331.1
10 Accenture 79.6


Top 10 world’s best creative brands

Rank Brand Sector Points
1 Nike Clothing & Accessories 820.5
2 Volkswagen Automotive 650.3
3 IKEA Retail 639.1
4 Getty Images Business & Industrial 503.9
5 McDonald’s Retail 469.7
6 Audi Automotive 429.2
7 Burger King Retail 422.8
8 Snickers Food 417.1
9 Adidas Clothing & Accessories 398.9
10 Netflix Media & Publishing 383.6


Top 10 world’s best creative advertisers

Rank Advertiser Location Points
1 Volkswagen Group Germany 1097.3
2 Mars USA 1023.4
3 Nike USA 835
4 Procter & Gamble Germany 759.3
5 IKEA Sweden 743.6
6 Samsung South Korea 606.3
7 Heineken Netherlands 515
8 The Carlyle Group USA 508.5
9 Alphabet USA 489.5
10 Restaurant Brands International USA 483.7


Top 10 world’s most creative countries

Rank Country Points
1 USA 8657.2
2 UK 3259.9
3 Australia 2710.7
4 Germany 2089.3
5 France 1978.6
6 Brazil 1637.0
7 Japan 1632.4
8 Argentina 1152.3
9 Thailand 1045.7
10 Canada 1033.3


And this is where India stands. UAE is #11 with Singapore and China at #16 and #17 respectively.

Rank Country Points
11 UAE 1006.8
12 India 946.4
16 Singapore 635.8
17 China 573.5


Said Emma Wilkie, Managing Director of Gunn Report: “Gunn 100 offers an independent and objective overview of the best creative ideas from around the world and the companies behind them providing benchmark rankings that encapsulate and inspire the industry.”


The full Gunn 100 rankings – including the world’s top 100 creatively awarded campaigns, top 50 creative agencies, agency networks, brands, advertisers, countries and top holding companies as well as commentaries, the work and credits – is available by subscription on WARC 100 effectiveness rankings will be announced on 26 February and the Gunn media rankings are released in March.


The Gunn 100 is an annual ranking of the world’s most creative advertising and marketing ideas, along with the best-performing agencies, networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers and countries. Gunn 100 rankings are compiled by analysing the results of over 40 of the world’s most important global, regional and national creative awards contests. The awards shows tracked will remain confidential to avoid prejudicing entries to competitions. Points are earned based on the level of the award and are weighted according to the standing of each competition in the global marketing industry, determined in part by a survey of senior advertising management.



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