The Womb conducts a scientific experiment for Axis Mutual Fund

09 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


As part of an Investor education initiative for Axis Mutual Funds, The Womb conducted a scientific experiment to prove how ELSS, unlike other tax saving options, is not just helpful in saving tax but a great way to way to create wealth. The experiment captured on video has been released digitally on January 4.


Commenting on the communication, Rohan Padhye, Vice President – Marketing Communication & Digital Marketing said: “The January to March period is typically the tax season during which everyone hankers around to save tax. We felt it’s important to educate consumers that they should not just think about saving tax, but invest for wealth creation too, through ELSS. ELSS has become all the more relevant today given the low-interest rates offered by traditional tax savings options. The endeavour was to inform consumers about this functional aspect in a simple and entertaining way. I have to say, we at Axis MF were pleasantly surprised when we first heard the idea of a Science Experiment. We thought we were hearing it wrong but it is the bizarreness that made us confident about the campaign.”


Added Suyash Khabya, Creative Partner, The Womb: “The root for the idea came from the medium itself. It was not a TVC; it was a digital media campaign, so we had to think accordingly. Social media is stuffed with boring, staged and uninspiring social experiments. In fact, it’s become a format and the novelty has waned. So we just took a spin on it.”



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