So why’s Santosh Paddy going to Pattaya in March? Massages? Happy…?

09 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


Santosh Paddy

Sorry, but we were just being a little cheeky with a communique we received from the Adfest Press Office. Our very own Santosh Padhi, better known as Santosh Paddy, or just Paddy, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Taproot Dentsu has been appointed Jury President of the Outdoor Lotus and Press Lotus jury at Adfest. Which happens from March 21 to 24 in Pattaya, Thailand.


So he may well go for a ‘maalish’ or two while in Pattaya, but what we will definitely be seeking is the ‘messages’ in the creatives he and his juries will consider. And all of which leading to Happy Endings (or Beginnings) for the entrants!!!


“It’s always a privilege to be associated with Adfest, a festival I love more than most other shows. Nothing can get better than this – I’m a passionate print lover and to lead two of my favourite categories is a real pleasure. I’m delighted and looking forward to taking this opportunity forward,” said Padhi. Hmmm.


Added Jimmy Lam, Adfest President: “In recent years, I have seen Paddy collect so many trophies and achieve so many successes as the founder of Taproot Dentsu. It is truly an honour to welcome one of our favourite friends back to Adfest to lead two categories that he has well and truly mastered,”.


The 2018 Adfest Lotus Awards are open for entries until Jan 12 (remote categories only) or Jan 19.



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