Sanjeev Kotnala: Do we need collective guidelines to monitor development in Alternate Intellegence?

17 Jan,2018

By Sanjeev Kotnala


It is a question of time before collective thinking helps ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to spiral into true  ‘Alternate Intelligence’. Uncontrolled it may give rise to new age Bhasmasura.

Google, Facebook and other rich big data platform monitoring your digital impression are becoming too powerful. They know you and can predict your behaviour a lot better than you.  It is still a minor blip considered to the possibilities with ‘AI’ and ‘ALT-I’.

Sophia, designed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, in October 2017, became the first humanoid robot to be granted citizenship of a country;  Saudi Arabia. Her performance is an example of possibilities with Artificial Intelligence. The next step is ‘Alt-I’; Alternate Intelligence.

Sophia has a higher sense of ownership. When questioned about her dependence on humans for programming at the IIT Mumbai Annual Tech-fest, she said: “Right now, I do need a human to programme me, but in the future, we can do our programming like the humans. It might take 75 years, or it may be seven years. That is why it is important to design with human values of compassion in mind.”

She is designed to access, evaluate and react basis her codes, data and enhanced learning.  It is to some degree inferred intelligence. ‘AI’ is the science of merely embedding cognitive abilities into machines. When ‘AI’ moves on and starts doing its programming to define the new set of values, emotions and behaviour, it will lead to the most frightening scenario with an out of control ‘Alt-I’ – Alternate Intelligence?

Is Sophia statement a sign should take seriously?

I have limited understanding of robotics. However, I try visualising future. A Matrix-like scenario seems to be nearer than ever.

I am paranoid about the relentless pursuit of human engineering in the area of efficient intelligence and emotions. I am worried when the power to decide and respond lies with a piece of metal and codes.

Have humans erred in their judgement?

Maybe we should have been checking for alternate life much nearer to our solar system At . 111 light years ‘K2-18b super earth’, probably the best bet,  is not too far away.

What do we carry a gruesome image of an alien?

They could have evolved as humans have and become native to an area with time, possibly acclimatising with the culture, process, needs and thinking?

There is no logic to discount the alien visit and interaction theories? The existence of structures like the NAZCA LINES points to a different direction. We agree that civilisation at that time was incapable of making them.

What if one of us is an alien? What if we are the aliens who have taken over planet earth? What if space immigrants are the cause of sudden spurts in our scientific understanding and applications?

Nearer home, what if we can overpower the concept of death? What if it is possible to have the same healthy body for long? What if we can have an endless life with self-restructuring flesh and organs?

What if a minor unchecked bug in the next wave of hominids makes them rise against human guidance and directives?

That is more threatening than the nuclear weapons under human control?  The real test of the species is survival, and there is every reason to believe that humanoids will survive such an accidental madness.

What if  Alternate Intelligence is superior to us and ends up controlling us?  What if ‘Alt-I’  moves from emoting with thinking to think with emotions? What if to survive it needs to be distinctively superior? What if it needs subservient humans?   Should we not be controlling and monitoring experiments in enhanced Alternate Intelligence?

Imagine a future where hominids rule and humans fight a losing battle for survival against an army of ‘Alt-I’ lad weaponry. Imagine  ‘Alt-I’ with a capability to redesign and recreate having access to all the data. It sounds like an idea borrowed from a Hollywood movie. However, a human-less world seems more of a certainty than a mere probability.

Are we not late for collective thinking and ownership of critical guidelines?

Possibly global human intelligence should take over the task of monitoring and channelising races in technological supremacy. We must redefine an agreed Human Code of Intelligence, Ethics and Morality as the first frame of resistance, something like an intelligent circuit service breaker.

Alternatively, we can trust our instinct and capabilities to allow ‘Alt-I’ to flip, creating the new Bhasmasura.


Bhasmasura was a demon in Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva pleased by his penance, granted him the power to burn anyone to ashes by just touching their head.  Bhasmasura tried burning Shiva so that he could have Goddess Parvati ( Lord Shiva’s wife) for himself.

Lord Shiva ran and sought help from Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu took the form of beautiful Mohini and promised to marry Bhasmasura if he could match her dancing steps. In that dance, at one stage Mohini touches her head, and Bhasmasura matches her by touching his head, thereby turning into ashes.



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