Orient unveils the ‘Song of Silence’ in latest campaign for Aerostorm

19 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


Orient Electric has announced the launch of its new campaign featuring the long-standing ambassador MS Dhoni to introduce its new Aerostorm ceiling fan.


Commenting on the campaign, Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric said: “Aerostorm, the second fan in our Aeroseries range after Aeroquiet, is a very novel and innovative concept for the fans industry. This fan is inspired from aerofoil design of Aircraft wings and is reinforced with winglet technology which further helps in sound reduction and giving an astounding air delivery of 300 CMM. We have tried to depict the same in the newly launched TVC by making it edgy, arty, and visually appealing. Orient Electric has delivered many stimulating campaigns in the past but the depiction of this one on screen is nothing less than a treat for the eyes. I am sure that our new TV ad will capture the audiences’ attention and create a lot of excitement about the entire range of Aeroseries fans.”


Added Mayur Hola, Executive Creative Director & Executive Vice President, Contract Advertising: “For this spot in particular, we let everything affected by the new Aerostorm sing, but for the fan. With the strong air delivery of Aerostorm fan, every little or big thing flutters or moves thus creating its own music and we have tried to capture the same by creating the ‘Song of Silence’. It’s a song in praise of a great product. Creating something like this wasn’t easy but we’re happy that we have an end product that looks good and sounds pleasing.”



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