Nandini Dias leads IAA India campaign on ‘WorkToLiveToWork’

15 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) has announce a new social initiative, ‘WorkToLiveToWork’. Said Ramesh Narayan, President, IAA India Chapter, said, “Every year IAA undertakes initiatives to show that communication can be an effective force for the good of society. This year Nandini Dias is spearheading this meaningful project.”


Due to personal losses, related to railways, during rush hour in the last 18 months, Dias, a Managing Committee member of IAA and CEO, Lodestar UM India, conceptualised the project named WorkToLiveToWork’’. Through this initiative, Dias is urging CEOs/HR heads to help Mumbai based companies to implement flexible office timings for employees so that they don’t risk their lives to reach their workplaces.


A campaign has been designed around WorkToLiveToWork, to end the irrational rigidity in Mumbai’s office timings and save lives. Reports shows that every day around nine people die on the suburban rail network which is nearly 3300 people in a year. Many of these people travel in overcrowded transit system just to avoid late mark as that leads to penalty on their salary.


Ramesh Narayan

Added Narayan: “Instead of waiting for the transport infrastructure to be fixed, which would obviously take a long time, Nandini’s idea was as practical as it was simple. When asked , most CEOs and HR heads agree that flexi timing is a good idea. In fact many also say that in their office they had implemented flexi timings since a couple of years. The fact is that while heads of offices are not against it they have done very little to actually roll it out and enable people. There is no data to say how many people actually are on flexi timing.  Also if it was real then the rush hour traffic would have eased out”


Nandini Dias

Said Dias: “The two excruciating losses I faced last year have left an irreparable wound in my life. Therefore this project is really close to my heart and almost a life mission.I am urging all companies to come forward and adopt this to save the lives of Mumbaikars. Let’s all agree that, besides expressing outrage we need to help the government in mitigating the crisis. So whether you are an employer or an employee, think about it, talk about it, bring it up as often as you can to drive change and save lives. Even if we reduce the number of people losing life from 9 to 7 per day we would have saved over 700 lives in a year.”


To take this initiative forward besides Lodestar UM, IAA has the support of Taproot Dentsu who created the communication. In addition large media companies like Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Laqshya Media and Radio City have already come on board as media partners. MxMIndia is also supporting this move.


To join in Log on to or write into #FlexiTimeSavesLife and #WorkToLiveToWork.



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