Inito’s brand campaign sheds light on how couples can get pregnant faster

19 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


The desire to have children is something that is being harboured by millions of couples. But, many a times it ends up becoming strenuous and stressful experience for many. In order to help beat the woes for many such couples, Inito, a medical technology company, has launched an emotional ad campaign highlighting how a smart fertility monitor like Inito can help them in their new beginning.


Created by Aha Agency, the ad brings to light a solution for a couple who has been trying to conceive for more than eight months but to no avail. Speaking about the video, Aayush Rai, Co-Founder, Inito said, “Inito is the most accurate and reliable tool to track fertility at home in the market today. Through this video, we have tried to highlight the stress and anxiety a woman goes through while trying to get pregnant and how Inito can help them. The smart and easy to use Inito Fertility Monitor helps them understand their fertility cycle and increase their chances of conceiving.  By creating an emotional connect, the audience will realise that they are not alone in this and such a problem can be solved.”



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