HT is #1 in Delhi-NCR in IRS2017: HT Media

22 Jan,2018

By A Correspondent


If you are intrigued by the headline, there’s a reason.


And before you read this report, you must read an alert. The Indian Readership Survey 2017 findings that are shared with the media only contain the topline findings – and do not include numbers of individual regions/cities. Also, the toplines carry Total Readership which is considered meaningless by many media agencies and advertisers. As non-subscribers of IRS, our carrying of reports with IRS numbers could attract legal action… unless and until we carry the source of the information we publish. We don’t think it’s a very cool situation to be in, but then c’est la vie. Such is life.


So here’s a communication we have received from HT Media: As per the latest round (2017) of the Indian Readership Survey released last week by MRUC, Hindustan Times emerges as the largest brand in the English markets of Delhi plus Mumbai with a combined AIR of 24.4 lakh [AIR: Average Issue Readership]*.


In Delhi-NCR, Hindustan Times re-established itself as the number one newspaper. HT continues to be the most read newspaper in Delhi-NCR with more than 16.2 lakh AIR, 36 per cent higher than TOI*.


HT has made strong inroads into Punjab and has emerged as the No 1 newspaper of the region with an AIR of 2.7 lakh, powering ahead of The Tribune (AIR 2.4 lakh)*.


In Mumbai, HT has grown its readership significantly once again to 8.3 lakh AIR, which is nearly 70 per cent of TOI*.


The IRS 2017 re-affirmed Hindustan as the second largest newspaper in the country with an TR of 5.2 crore and AIR of 1.8 crore. Hindustan continues to be No1 in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand, and a strong No 2 in UP and Delhi. Mint, HT Media’s business daily, consolidated its No 2 position among the leading business dailies in India with an Average Issue readership of 2.39 lakh*.


*Source of information: HT Media Communications Team, Claims not verified



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