The 2017 MxMIndia Dubious Achievement Awards

29 Dec,2017


Yes, we are bracketed as trade media. And, yes, no trade media entity ever – ever, ever – takes on the big and powerful in the media, coz many of them are advertisers and are sensitive to even harmless spoofs. But then you are reading MxMIndia and not uh-uh-you-know-what. Also, our readers understand that we do not have motives, and just as we are critical of someone/something on one day, we can laud them a few days later. MxMIndia is read by mature media and advertising ecosystem readers.

So, as they say, in Mumbai, Dil Mein Mat Lena. Enjoy. Have a fun and responsible end to the year. And when you do drive away your blues, spare a thought for those killed and injured in the Kamala Mills fire.

Here are the 2017 MxMIndia Dubious Achievement Awards:


The MahabharatPandavas Losing Everything Bit By Bit Award


Sony Pictures Network. First, the IPL. The bagging of the IPL 2018-23 rights was more about Sony losing it and less about Star India winning it. And now comes the news that even Filmfare Awards have gone off the channel.


I Know Women Better Than Women Award:

To all Men who tried to jump on to the #MeToo campaign and “mansplain” sexual assault to women who have been sexually assaulted.


The Never Take A Stand No Matter Award:

For the ’nth consecutive year to Bollywood for never standing up for their own.


How To Trump The Horror of Demonetisation Award:

To the implementers of GST, for promising a “Good and Simple Tax” and making it into the “Gabbar Singh Tax”.


The Son Rises Higher Than The Father Award

To Star Bharat, for having displaced Star Plus and emerge the #1 channel in the network



The Sivakasi Crackers Most Noisy News Channel of the Year


To Republic TV. The clear winner. Even though it’s been around since May. The noise and nightly rage on its primetime debates can be matched by few others



The Sivakasi Crackers Gone ‘Phuski’ Award


To Times Now. Minus main man ArnabGoswami it was left to his second line of defence Navika Kumar and AnandNarasimhan and later Rahul Shivshankar… they tried to be the loudest and noisiest, but, alas, couldn’t beat their former boss.


Keeping its Promise Award:

To Republic TV, for claiming to be “independent journalism” and then working hard to ensure that it remains independent of any vestiges of journalism.


Mr Bombast of the Year:

Obviously, duh, ArnabGoswami. For coming back with a bang and then continuing bang bang bang to attack targets that do not make his owners happy.


Learning No Lessons Award:

The Trio at Times Now, for using the launch of Republic TV to get worse at journalism rather than better…


Dog of the Year:

Pidi, for tweeting with more humour than most political leaders in India


Fake News of the Year Award:

To Fake News for Fighting On, Regardless of proof, information, good sense, basic intelligence…


University of the Year:

WhatsApp, for continuing to provide the brainless with rubbish.


Look, I’m Yellow:

“Neutral” journalists, who continue to confuse false equivalence with being objective.


Turncoats of the Year:

All those well-known columnists who sold NarendraModi to the upper classes and now find that they no longer love him.


Best Actor in a Dramatic Role:

Prime Minister NarendraModi for continuing to weep, bawl, scream, shout, complain and whine, even when he’s winning.


Contributed by RanjonaBanerji, Pradyuman Maheshwari and a few readers who have requested anonymity


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