iProspect releases 2018 Future Focus whitepaper titled ‘The New Machine Rules’

15 Dec,2017

By A Correspondent


iProspect released its third annual 2018 Future Focus whitepaper geared to examine how machines and technology are impacting marketing and advertising in the year ahead. The paper takes a look at how brands can make the most of machines in 2018, from facilitating seamless consumer experiences to delivering greater efficiencies.


iProspect interviewed 250 of its global clients, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and used the real-time feedback to outline key insights and priorities necessary for businesses to thrive in our fast moving, high expectation digital economy.


Feedback shows that the transformative impact of Voice, AI, and Machine Learning is being felt across the entire business landscape with 55 per cent of marketers surveyed agreeing that Machine Learning will allow them to make better decisions in 2018. 56 per cent of the marketers surveyed highlighted “effectively managing large data sets to deliver personalization and relevant one-to-one experience” as their main priority in 2018.


“Advances in Machine Learning will allow for greater effectiveness and efficiency in marketing communications, freeing both marketers and agencies to focus on adding strategic value,” said ShendaLoughnane, Global Chief Strategy Officer, iProspect.”Brands will need to understand how to balance the human vs. machine elements of their business in order to leverage the full value of both.”


Added Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India:“In an increasingly complex digital economy, Machine Learning is set to play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. In India, we are already feeling these forces of change – driving better data understanding, enabling personalized conversation at scale and delivering greater efficiencies. We are at an inflection point where brands need to learn how to marry human capital and machines in order to succeed in the transformation that lies ahead.”



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