It’s Arnab Goswami, Owner-Promoter & Editor-in-Chief, Republic TV

15 Dec,2017


By Pradyuman Maheshwari


It’s D-Day. December 15, 2017. And since we don’t ‘conduct’ the award presentation offline, we aren’t dependant on venue availability and rates negotiations. Hence, we do the awards on a weekend, not a weekday… when the mood is just right. Celebrate if you are happy with the announcement, or just give us a pass. Or a few GRRRs.


So how are we different from other awards?


First, it’s not based on a survey. It’s not based on any industry poll. It’s based on a study conducted by us through the year. This makes the decision-making tougher, as we can’t pass the blame on to research. Or the collective view of the industry. Or of a jury.


Second, it’s an A&M industry study. Agreed CEOs of big clients are important, but we are looking at CMOs and not CEOs of well-marketed organisations.


Third, we look at performance through the year, and don’t base it on the highs of the last two quarters of a year which tend to influence any voting-based process at the yearend.


Fourth, we give you a clear reason why we have chosen the winner


Fifth, we are as sincere and honest about the awards as one can get. There were suggestions that we should make it an on-ground event. But then that comes with its own set of issues (and compulsions). We even had one large media group expressing its interest two years back. But we think it could’ve influenced our decision. Perhaps next year, with some more wisdom will happen in our blood streams.


And sixth, it’s about achievement in 2017 – in this calendar year (well not the entire year, but at least the 350-odd days that have preceded today). There are some who may have been super achievers the previous year, but have fallen short of our winner in 2017. Similarly, there are some A&M barons who have been doing splendid work through the years, but there has been someone else who has been more spectacular. We only look at achievements of the current year.


So: the MxMIndiaMediaperson of the Year 2016 is an online award. It’s an accolade that’s for the truly well-deserving. And for the True Achiever of 2016 in the Indian Media, Advertising & Marketing arena.


With the backgrounders done, here’s  how we went about our task.


Wemaintain an online notebook that records important developments of the year. It’s a drill that ensures one can do recaps etc with ease.


For the Mediaperson of the Year, one reviews names, quarter-wise. This helps that the choice of the award doesn’t suffer from the recency factor.


We looked at various names. We couldn’t miss the achievements of the Zee group captains Punit and Amit Goenkaand Viacom18 Group CEO Sudhanshu Vats as they celebrated major milestones this year.

We also looked at the Big 35 media entities. For, it takes a lot to ensure that it’s business as usual. We then got to our second shortlist where we decided to look at five shortlists. And this is what it was:


1. Piyush Pandey: Getting the Lions of St Mark with brother Prasoonis, as we wrote the other day, a significant achievement.

2. The Wire Co-founders – Siddharth Varadarajan, Sidharth Bhatia and M K Venu: They’ve stood their ground in the very rough weather and have emerged as the biggest of the credible voices in journalism. Yes, more credible than most print badshashs.

3. Uday Shankar: Star India Chairman and CEO Uday Shankar was elevated to President, 21st Century Fox, Asia. But the 21CF charge would be in addition to the Star India responsibilities. The year also saw Star bagging the IPL rights and perhaps for the first time ever getting its act together on the second channel – Star Bharat.

4. CVL Srinivas: The GroupM CEO bagged the coveted ITC account along with a slew of others and some consolidation of the Indian operations. And then he was also made Country Manager India which is a significant capture of the faith WPP supremo Sir Martin Sorrell thinks of Srini

5. And then our fifth shortlist…


Ladies and Gentlemen, We have great pride in announcing that the 2017 MxMIndiaMediaperson of the Year Award goes to…


Arnab Goswami, Owner and Editor-in-Chief, Republic World/TV


Arnab Goswami

Goswami quit Times Now last year and in superquick time he set up an all-new English news channel. Right from the start of this year, he has created a buzz in media circles about the channel’s launch. And his launch strategy was unique with videos released via digital media announcing that he’s coming soon


This award goes to ArnabGoswami, the businessman and mediaperson. It’s not easy to launch a channel in some seven months, even if the decision to start anew would’ve been taken earlier.


For the last eight-odd months, Republic TV has been the undisputed leader amongst English news channels. There have been attempts to undermine its rise by slicing of data in terms of age groups, time bands or select cities, but the lead of Republic over the others, Times Now in particular is definite.


He has also led the channel’s drive to attract anchor advertisers with one-on-one meetings with a large number of them. He has of course also managed to line up a top deck of able hands in Vikas Khanchandani, Priya Mukherjee and Charu Thakur amongst others.


The fact remains that Republic TV did take the dual LCN route to maximise reach in the early days as did a few others, but given the regulator’s intervention on the issue, the dual LCN route for upping connectivity has been stopped.


There are allegations that Times Now and Republic TV have taken the landing route to boost viewership but we do not have evidence to prove both.


While Times Now is still a significant force to reckon with, in terms of its content and presentation, it appears to be a poor cousin of Republic TV.


But, given that the MxMIndiaMediaperson of the Year award is a qualitative award, it would be incorrect to mention that the nationalistic, pro-NarendraModi, pro-BJP biggies and hence the pro-BJP stance of Republic TV and Goswami in particular is a significant downer. While it’s not that there is no screaming and shouting on India Today or even NDTV in the recent past, Goswami takes the pitch to a new high every evening. We have had reservations about Goswami’s and Republic’s editorial stance. Yes, we do remember that he was very combative against Haryana Chief Minister M L Khattar after the unrest in the state some months back. He has taken on the BJP since launched, but these have been very few and far between.


Perhaps there is reason for moderation. Perhaps there is reason to move away a bit from the debate formula and also include other news of the day in a little more detail.


But for now, the formula is working wonders for Republic TV and its primary promoter and editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami.The viewing public, as is determined from the popularity of the channel, isn’t complaining.


A truly deserving winner of the 2017MxMIndiaMediaperson of the Year Award. Taaliyaan!



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8 responses to “It’s Arnab Goswami, Owner-Promoter & Editor-in-Chief, Republic TV”

  1. N. Patardhan says:

    Great choice. It will help to distroy secularism and bring on Hinduraj as the sole guiding constitution of Bharat Mata.

  2. M.N.Rajendraprasad says:

    Aranab is a pro BJP man and only criticises Congress. I stopped watching Republic TV, because of biased views. In my opinion he does not deserve the award.

  3. Radhakrishnan Cheruparampath says:

    Hearty Congrats Mr Goswami @Republic TV. On your winning the much deserved Award.

  4. Freddie says:

    Sounds ridiculous! Arnab? We need non-political, non-bias and non-judgemental media! Where does Arnab stand on this? He started well when in Times Now but turned more of a political critique against everyone except BJP. The opportunist who was taking BJP left and right when Congress was in power and once BJP is in power he turns Pro BJP? His facts were proven wrong, bias and motivated by political influence a number of times. This award looks more Political and bias than Arnab himself.

  5. Nilesh Patil says:

    For god sake Arnab Goswami. Come on. Where is Ravish Kumar and Vindo Dua. You found this selfish maniac bhakt a person of year???

    No doubt your surveys are fake and biased.

    • Pranjal says:

      Vinod Dua,I saw him once on The Wire and for the most part his thoughts and some data were contradictory… Even some facts were bluntly unbelievable,.. so I figured out,he is a bigger maniac.

      • Ramesh Kulkarni says:

        Realy long deserved, Hearty Greetings.A clear thought, visionary.Unbaised Journalist.God bless with much more international awards.

    • Radhakrishnan Cheruparampath says:

      Ur ideas are ill motivated