Siddhartha Mukherjee: Come to Client Meetings ON TIME!

23 Nov,2017

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


Strategy, Restructuring, Innovation, Re-invention, Growth, Value Adds, and many such other words have been used when discussing about the required change within the PR agency world. All these descriptives are agreed and valid propositions. However, one basic baby step that should kickstart this process and catapult this industry miles ahead is by coming for client meetings on time! While clients may have their own reason/s and principles of starting the meeting on time or not, however, I see no reason why PR agency personnel should walk in late! It is sub-standard.


To me this small action continues to re-iterate the external world’s perception about us.


May I also add that rarely have I come across clients who have clearly conveyed their unhappiness about this indiscipline. In fact, on the contrary, I have seen clients welcoming their agency personnel irrespective of the time the latter tread in on the red carpet.


A confession, however. I have come across PR agency teams who have been very punctual not only in terms of their reporting time at meetings but also the quality of contributions in the meetings. However, such groups have been rare!


I am sure that for some of you readers, this is really no big deal! The fact that we are discussing this by itself could be a point of ridicule. However, for me, coming to client meetings on time indicates the following:

  1. You value client’s time
  2. Your day is planned with clear end of the day objective
  3. You are serious to add REAL VALUE in client’s business
  4. You are well prepared for the meeting
  5. You are keen to get back to Planning, Action &Implementation
  6. You have a relatively better Work-Personal Life balance


Quite strange but true. More often than not, whenever I see PR agency teams walking in late, I am pretty sure of the quality and outcome the meeting is going to fetch. As usual, precious minutes are lost, exact meeting agenda is nowhere to be seen and very importantly, for those, who have bothered to come on time, it is a sheer disappointment, if not irritation.


Earlier, I have spoken about mergers or shakeups in the PR agency world…quite imminent. Here, may I also add that most of them will die a natural death if those worthy agencies were to simply gear up on client meeting punctuality.



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