Cipla launches Activ Kids Immuno Boosters with new campaign ‘Yes Mom’

27 Nov,2017

By A Correspondent


Cipla has developed Activ Kids Immuno Boosters, an immunity supplement for children to address the growing concern of low immunity by providing up to 100 per cent RDA of key immunity nutrients.


Said Himava Nath, Head of Marketing for Cipla Health Limited: ‘Cipla Health set off on its mission of ensuring strong immunity for kids with the launch of its brand Activ Kids Immuno Boosters a year ago. #YesMom was launched as a social movement aimed at changing the stereotype around parenting especially motherhood. The movement seeks to empower moms with the confidence to say ‘Yes’ to their kids. And the brand Activ Kids Immuno Boosters with its immunity benefits and unique format aids the mothers and gives them the confidence to say ‘Yes’. The movement has been very successful and thousands of mothers have been inspired to be #YesMom.


The campaign was rolled out with a social experiment on the online page of Cipla highlighting the psychological impacts of ‘No’ on a child followed by a call out to mothers to take the Yes Challenge.



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