Samsung is India’s most attractive brand in new MAB study

25 Oct,2017

By A Correspondent


From L to R Mr. Sachin Bhosale, Research Director, TRA Research and Mr. N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research

This is the season for brand studies for reports, and although we aren’t sure how well this is recognized by the industry, here are findings of the fourth edition of India’s Most Attractive Brands Report 2017 (MAB).The report highlights the country’s Top 1000 brands based on attractiveness, as per consumer perceptions based on a primary research methodology.


The list starts off with the South Korean Consumer Electronics giant – Samsung, claiming its top spot after falling by two ranks from 2016. LG and Sony have both dropped a rank lower from the 2016 report to take the second and third rank this year. Tata, after falling by almost three ranks in 2016 has come back to hold its position to rank fourth in 2017. Honda ranks fifth after ranking fourth in 2016 and sixth in 2015. The sixth Most Attractive brand in 2017 is Apple, which has steadily climbed to this position after ranking 18th in 2016 and 15th in 2015. Maruti Suzuki (MAB 2016 – rank 8 and MAB 2015 – rank 12), Hewlett Packard (MAB 2016 – rank 17 and MAB 2015 – rank 8), Bajaj (MAB 2016 – rank 6 and MAB 2015 – rank 9) and Dell (MAB 2016 – rank 15 and MAB 2015 – rank 5) take the seventh to tenth ranks this year and completes the top 10 Most Attractive Brands for 2017.


Reliance takes the 11th rank after gradually ascending from rank 23 in 2015 and rank 26 in 2016. One of the lists major brand rank climbs is Patanjali; from ranking 371 in 2015 to ranking 87 in 2016 to making it to rank 12 in 2017. Hyundai (MAB 2016 – rank 22 and MAB 2015 – rank 37), Godrej (MAB 2016 – rank 13 and MAB 2015 – rank 10) and Lenovo (MAB 2016 – rank 25 and MAB 2015 – rank 21) rank 13th 14th and 15th respectively. Adidas ranks 16th this year after ranking 39thin 2016 and 58th in 2015. Airtel (MAB 2016 – rank 9 and MAB 2015 – rank 18), Whirlpool (MAB 2016 – rank 41 and MAB 2015 – rank 19), Google (MAB 2016 – rank 102 and MAB 2015 – rank 105) and Oppo (MAB 2016 – rank 89 and MAB 2015 – rank 341) feature in ranks 17 to 20 in the report.


Said N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research: “This year we have incorporated the theme of diversity in the report. Diversity is something that our study radiates. Our research covers different parts of the country and consequently the insights derived also cover diverse perceptions of consumer influencers. The one aspect that has somehow stayed constant is the fight for the top 3 ranks between Samsung, LG and Sony. Will this be the case even next year? Well it may be difficult to predict as the rankings this year have seen some major rank climbs and falls, making a few of the former new category leaders and the latter resigning from their coveted spot,” commented.


India’s Most Attractive Brands 2017 is the result of primary research based on the proprietary 36 traits of attractiveness that have been studied and identified by TRA Research. This year’s research was conducted among 2,456 consumer-influencers across 16 cities and generated nearly 5 million data points and 5,000 unique brand mentions, out of which the top 1000 brands have been listed in this year’s Report.

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