Nokia unveils its Diwali campaign #Unitefor #love

11 Oct,2017

By A Correspondent


Nokia mobile is rolling out its first big cross-platform campaign ahead of the festive season.


Speaking about the campaign, Jyotsna Makkar, Head of Marketing, HMD Global (India) said: “As the pioneers of mobile telephony, Nokia has been instrumental not just in bringing innovative devices to people, but also in helping them forge deep connections. The reason the love and trust for this brand has endured, is because Nokia has always been a people’s brand – it’s deeply ingrained into our DNA. We thought it was important that a brand that showed all of us the way to connect, could also remind us that technology has the power to both unite as well as make people feel disconnected – this is a universal insight in our cultural context today”


Added Narayan Devanathan, Group Executive & Strategy Officer, Dentsu Brand Agencies (India): “People don’t like brands to ‘enable’ them anymore. They like brands to demonstrate that they understand them. What this campaign idea does best is to bridge millennials’ purposive lives with Nokia mobile’s campaign promise of uniting with their loved ones, using Diwali as the shining, happy India context.”


Added Titus Upputuru, NCD of Dentsu One, who helmed the campaign:“It is a fact that we are all occupied with our phones today, almost all of our waking lives. More so the youth we are attempting to engage with. We had fun creating the film and the whole gamut of ideas that explode the idea of gifting oneself. We hope ‘Main ke siwai tujhe main kya doon’ provokes people to think and unite for love.”

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