Britannia Good Day puts out a message on eve of World Smile Day

10 Oct,2017

By A Correspondent


On the eve of World Smile Day on October 6, Britannia Good Day launched a digital film that is a narrative by an Indian Guard of Honour stationed outside India Gate and it captures a day at work.The film was conceptualised and executed by J Walter Thompson (JWT), Bengaluru.


Said Prita Shivakumar, ECD, JWT:”I think this one has all the right ingredients to reach out and touch your heart. A brand that’s all about smiling more and celebrating the value of a smile through an unexpected and heartwarming story. A man who is compelled by virtue of what he does for a living, to withhold his smile. It’s only under such circumstances that you realize the value of that magical gesture – the human connection it forges and the goodwill it generates, all the more because a smile doesn’t expect anything in return. At the end of the story, the only thing I will say is, you know you want to curve your lips and smile at your fellow humans a lot more than you usually do. And if our story leaves a smile behind with you in the telling of it, well, we have reason to smile too!”


Added Ali Harris Shere, VP – Marketing Britannia Industries: “As a run up to World Smile Day, Britannia Good Day is launching its first ever digital film, and we wanted to make sure it brilliantly does the two fold job of being a great story and effectively passing on the message of Smile More, that the brand wants to convey. We wanted to get people to realise they do not have any reasons not to smile and shouldn’t hold back – and to encourage this realisation we went on the opposite path to identify people who have reasons not to smile owing to their work regime, honour or commitment – the Indian Guard of honour being one of them. This is where the film stems from. We expect viewers will love this film and hope to impact them to smile more; meanwhile the film is also aimed at strengthening our brand salience and positioning.”

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